In Memory

HR Five Star Winning Sue SH  

Gulf Coast Frontier Magic 

Carolina Magic Frontier Scarlet 

HRCH Frontier's Cherokee Rebel MH 

Three Rivers High Tech Echo 

Calibri's Take the Money and Run JH

Frontier's Shaggy Doo


Moonstones Little Girl Found MH

Hillview's Echo

Frontier's Feather Duster

Frontier's Ghost Dance JH

Okie Dokee

Frontier's Thunderheart

Frontier's Rippin Magnum

Waco's Chocolate Nugget JH

Kelleygreen's Williston Wulf

Dillons Smokie Jo




Clients and Friends

Under a Rebel Moon

Frontier Jack Tough Dog

Sambo the Sailor

Frontier's New Millienum JH

Frontier Darby of Wingate

Gus (lost to rattlesnake bite)

Red Rock's Ridge Runner MH

Heil's Baron Jager MH

McAlpine's Dark Shadow

Frontier's Fatal Attraction MH

Fetch It Up's Wild Woman SH

Fetch It Up's Suddenly Sadie SH

Hope the Ducks Come In MH

Fetch It Up Penny JH

A Trains Duke of Stonebridge MH

Deez III Times the Money MH

Frontier's Salt Water Rocky ***

Frontier's White Buffalo (Bronson) 


 "To Native Americans, the wolf is a powerful spiritual symbol. The Indians respected the wolf's prowess as a hunter, his stamina, and the way he moved silently across the landscape. They were moved by his howling, which they sometimes regarded as talking with the spirit world. The wolf appears in many legends as a messenger, great long distance traveler and a guide for anyone seeking the spirit world."

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