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Frontier's Amazing Grace
FC-AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James X Frontier's New Millennium

"I just wanted to let you know that Gracie has a good home here in Little Rock. I have two children who love Gracie immensely, and my wife stays at home with Gracie and the kids. I have a home on a large fenced lot, so Gracie has plenty of room to run. However, she spends most of her time indoors with us. She is growing up fast and learning very quickly. I am a duck hunter, so Gracie will be trained for retrieving big Mallards, Pintails, Woodducks, etc. Gracie already retrieves a dead fowl trainer quite well, and we continue working on her skills daily. (July 2001)"

Owned by Russ Melchert, Arkansas

Florida's Swamp Boogie X Medlin's Coco

"We are having such a great time with our Kobe. She's everything we wanted and more. She's growing up so fast and in January will participate in puppy kindergarten. She's retrieved and swam since day one and listens very well. She weighs about 28 pounds and is growing like a weed. She has been busy teething, but it seems to be over. She is so good with people and other dogs. She loves to play and will fetch until your arm falls off. She is such a mellow dog. She's maybe barked 10 times total. We sure enjoy her. We will keep you updated on her progress. Thanks for sending us such a terrific dog!" (Dec. 2000)

Owned by Chris and Lori Klevin, North Dakota

Webb's Woody
Florida's Swamp Boogie X Okie Dokee (deceased)

"Woody is doing great. He is crazy about Jerry and really misses him when he can't take him to the rig location. He loves the water and Jerry will be taking him duck hunting after Christmas." (Dec. 2000)

Owned by Jerry and Marjorie Webb, Texas

Florida's Swamp Boogie
X Medlin's Coco

"We would like to thank you for assisting us in adopting Brownie. He has fit into our family with great ease and much love..We have him fetching birds and he is not gun shy at all and loves to swim. He loves to go to the woods and all you need to say is "load up" and he is in the truck.." (Dec. 2000)

Owned by Margaret Zahner & Bill Tallman, Florida

FC-AFC Trumarc's Bob Barker X Frontier's Feather Duster

"Chester has been a fantastic dog for me. We ran NAHRA for a while, got our Working Retriever title and are one qualify away from a Master Hunting Retriever title."

Owned by Tod Manning

Ghostkeeper MH X Frontier's Flower Power

Pam Duvall reports: "We love Benny so much, he is part of the family!"

Owned by the Duvall family, Oklahoma City, OK


"We wanted to drop you a line to let you know how Dallas is doing, and what a joy she has been for the family. As you can see, she absolutely loves the snow. She is extremely good with the children. As we are nearing the end of our obedience training, Paul (our trainer) noted he had never seen a dog work off lead with a child the way Dallas works with our son Austin (11). He's even going to put them in his brochure!"

Owned by the Green Family, Colorado

Ghostkeeper MH X Frontier's Flower Power

"I've been bird hunting since I was 12 (19 years total now) and I've never seen a dog want to work/hunt more for its owner/handler than Scout! In fact, she really hunts for everyone/anyone in the field. Often my Dad and/or my uncles will take her out hunting without me, and she obeys them just as she obeys me (they don't even use her collar - just the whistle!). As a 1-year old puppy, in one day, she retrieved 9 roosters, 30 quail and 27 ducks - all limits for 3 of us! I was sure that she'd be dead tired the next day, but at 4:30 a.m. there she was at the end of my bed, wide awake and ready to go out again! Anyway, I'm always bragging about her hunting skills, but she really is a fantastic pet - a very loving and sociable personality!" (Jan 2002)

Owned by Ryan Manfred, Nevada


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