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"It was great talking with you yesterday. Here are a couple of pictures of Rusty with Santa Clause. Isn't he adorable???? Also, now you can see who owns Rusty. Hope you have a great New Year!"

Owned by Patricia Ragsdale Wright

(HRCH Frontier's Cherokee Rebel MH X Frontier's Ghost Dance JH)

"Hi there!! I bought a puppy from you back in November. I just wanted to pass along a picture. He has grown up to be SUCH a great pup! Later this summer he is getting sent off to hunting school. He is already very birdy and INCREDIBLY intelligent. Thank you so much for running such a top notch breeding program. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to contact me!"

Owned by Robin Preston

(HRCH Frontier's Cherokee Rebel MH X Frontier's Ghost Dance JH)

"I thought you might like to hear about our Jeter. She is a beautiful dog with a shiny black coat. She weighs 59 lbs. She is a great house dog. I have never had a dog before and cannot imagine life without her. She has become my walking companion. My girls Nicole (10) and Caitlin (6) adore her. Jeter is a high-energy dog (much like her father). I have completed obedience training with Jim and will move on to Advance Novice class. Jeter passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship. We will do field training. Thank you for such a great addition to our family."

Owned by Debra Carlson


(HRCH Frontier's Cherokee Rebel MH X Clubmeads Big City Taxi)

"Just wanted to drop you line to say how happy I am with the dog I got from you. Finn is training well, and he is crazy about retrieving. He settles down nicely in the house. I get complements on his good looks everywhere I take him. If I did it right I attached a photo of him at about 12 weeks. Thank you again for a great dog!"

Owned by Ken Reese


FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause X Hillview's Echo

"Just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for Mac. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy him. He is doing very well and just recently completed his basic education dog class. He is the most friendly dog. He loves to play outside specially if it is a game of fetch. We already can't imagine our home without him and love him dearly. Thank you so much for Mac and the tremendous amount of joy he brings to our home."

Owned by Molli Surdell, Oklahoma

Frontier Mattison
Red Hawk Hillview's Jake X Hillview's Echo

"I am writing to you from Conway Arkansas. Two years ago I bought one of your pups from Red Hawk Hillview's Jake and Hillview's Echo. I named her Frontier Mattison or just Mattie for short. I wanted to let you know that she is the greatest dog in the world. I am more than pleased with her. I was wanting to let you know that she is doing great. I hope that things are going well for you and that you are having great success with your kennel. I wondered if you still have Echo, Matties mother and if you were having any more pups from her. Thank you for the wonderful dog that I got from you. I love her with all of my heart." (Dec. 2000)

Owned by Todd Kendrick, Arkansas


"Max is all I ever hoped for in a dog. Friendly, great personality and, at six years old is, I think, a credit to the breed. He hunts exceptionally well and never tires. He has started to calm down a bit and he listens to me and seems to anticipate my wishes. My Buddy! Thank you." (Dec. 2000)

Owned by Dick Saathoff, Florida


"Well another year has passed and all is well...Pheasant hunting, I think, is Chico's favorite. No matter where the shot is he seems to know exactly where the pheasant went down and is always the first on the scene to retrieve it. He did learn some new "tricks" this year. How to get the German Chocolate cake off the counter, take the lid off the pan, eat the cake and hide the pan under the couch in the formal living room. We were certain that no one would break into the house just to steal a cake, but we could never figure out what happened to it until we were looking for a lost toy of the grandson's when we found the cake pan. I might add the cover was put back on the pan before it was hid under the couch!" (Jan 2003)

Owned by Bob McKee, Wichita, Kansas


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