Blue and Okie's SAR Diary

SAR Diary of Frontier Oklahoma Resq Rebel

Frontier's Mystic Blue Sioux



The dogs and I were at a Human Remains, land and water, training this past always Okie showed his stuff and shined like the sun.....he always impresses folks when they see him work for the 1st time....makes me so darn proud!!

And, I am also happy to say, Mys Blue showed incredible promise as a beginner. She ran a beginner course of material buries and hides and found every single one, showing incredible detailing to pinpoint exact source location. She shows a great curiosity and interest in everything we do, never backs down from anything she is encouraged to investigate. She loaded on the dive/rescue boat from both dock and from in the water with no hesitation. She had the divers and crew wrapped around her actual work on the water for her, just fun, since it was her first time out.

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