Blue and Okie's SAR Diary

SAR Diary of Frontier Oklahoma Resq Rebel

Frontier's Mystic Blue Sioux



Also wanted you to know that Blue passed the AKC-CGC/Therapy dog test yesterday...her first of hopefully many certs....she is a love and a half. She and Okie play and romp together like they have been together all their lives....he loves her too! They are both sleeping behind my chair right now, what a sweet picture. She continues to show promise in her search abilities, her problems are super short and very rewarding right now. We did have a search call last evening, Blue went along just for the ride and to absorb all the smells, sounds and people on scene.....fortunately for us, we did not need to spend our entire evening outside searching....right before we got on scene, the 75 year old lady with Alzheimer's was found safe and sound!! Although Okie would have rather spent his evening outside on the search, we got to socialize a bit with our friends on other teams and go home.
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