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We had a great end of summer /early fall here on the east coast. Okie really came into his own as a confident, well adjusted young male. Everyone loves Okie and he knows it! He has become the canine representative to the public for our team. He easily runs controlled demos of his skills in front of interested onlookers and works a crowd of people like nobody's business!!

We have a search presentation and demo scheduled for next weekend at Cabela's. We have been there about 3 our 4 times now for different events to demo search work...even once last year during the DOCK DOGS competition held at Cabela's, at which Okie got some jumping in himself. He just loved it! This is truly a well rounded dog.

He is especially in demand at "How to Stay Safe" presentations given for children. He fits right in with the gang and helps teach the kids how not to get lost and what to do if they should become lost. One group of Scouts had such a great time learning with Okie at a safety presentation that they made him and Honorary Weeblo and invited him to their Blue and Gold Banquet during which he lead the boys across the bridge, symbolizing their passage from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Gee Terrie, did you ever think one of your dogs would become a Boy Scout??

Okie and I took an advanced training break over the fall and winter due to an illness in our K9 family. We worked on maintaining current skills and were involved in 4 searches during that period of time. Late winter/ early spring we dove back in to advanced training. We are resuming our water search skill training thanks to the help of a local water rescue team and are practicing advance wilderness skills with raised subjects, moving subjects, concealed subjects and up to 120 acre areas. We have already responded to three actual searches this spring.

Okie has developed the reputation as a thorough, quick and well ranging search dog. If the subject is in our task area and I work him through the area correctly there is not one doubt he will find his subject. At the PA Search and Rescue Council EXPO this spring a call actually came in for a task force of 5 K9 teams to head out for a search 100 miles away. An elderly hunter was over due coming home and his family felt he may be hurt or in danger. Of all the k9 teams present that week, a collection of some of the best dogs and handler's in the state, Okie and I were chosen as one of the 5 teams for the task force. I was so honored to accept this assignment for my boy and I.

That same week I was asked to serve on the PA Search and Rescue Council committee to update and improve the Canine Search and Rescue Standards. I must admit I really pushed this dog hard, a lesser dog would have probably crumbled. But at just 2 years 7 month old Okie is a solid, well rounded, fun loving dog that still loves the search "game" as much as he did when he was just a pup. When I get out certain gear or start to dress in my team uniform...or he hears the bear bells jiggling on his vest as I pack it to travel, he smiles from ear to ear and follows me around anxiously awaiting the new adventure!! Thanks, again, for the best K9 partner ever!
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