In Memory of Kirby

Frontier's Feather Duster
March 11, 1989 - May 12, 2003

Goodbye Sweet Kirby
Born March 11th of '89 sired by the High Point Derby Dog of that time,
Early field lessons by Mike and Frank, then Derby fun,
Qualifying in Senior and Master Stakes.
We shared the retriever games together,
You forgave my training mistakes,
With unconditional love and flying water entries
That always made me quake.
You raised your pups along with many others,
Such a sweet soul and wonderful mother.
You shared my life for over fourteen years
Looking up at me in your last moments
With your face catching my tears.
I whispered softly in your ear as your spirit drifted,
You are my first and favorite Kirby and
We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge one day.
Then you passed quietly in my arms on the 12th of May.


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