March 2001 Jamie x Millie

Yellow and Black Puppies Whelped March 2001

Jamie X Millie
Sold Out!!!

FC-AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James

OFA LR-100072E (Excellent)
CERF LR-25518
Finalist 2001 National Amateur
Youngest Dog 2000 National Amateur
AFC Before Third Birthday
18-1/2 All Age Points at 36 Months
Qualifying Win at 20 Months
13 Derby Points
Very Handsome Athletic 80 Pounds

Frontier's New Millennium

OFA LR-100422G24F (Good)
CERF LR-24868/2000-37

Millie has a wonderful new home at  Cresthill Kennels.

Photo Courtesy of Allison Anne Welder

Jamie's sire:
2x NAFC-FC 2x CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
Winner of an Unprecidented Four National Titles

A Favorite Picture...
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