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Frontier Shaggy Doo's Baby Boo 

"I wanted to update you on "Boo" (from Shaggy and Luna's October litter).  First of all, she is WONDERFUL!  The first few months, she quickly learned housebreaking and most of her basic commands like sit, come, fetch, release, down, etc. She was the absolute delight of all who met her - serious when she needed to be, but a silly puppy the rest of the time.  She could always make me laugh on the gloomiest or most frustrating of days (we were moving through part of this time) and she absolutely loved to play in the snow.  Here are a few pictures of her at about 5 months. 

At 6 months we took her to a hunting school in South Dakota - RPlace Kennels.  She has been there for the last few weeks with field and general obedience training.  They tell me that they have also fallen in love with her - her antics, her learning ability, great nose, easy retrieves, and especially her temperament.  In fact, they have asked for the name of your kennel, because they said they get asked occasionally for referrals of Boykins and she has the best disposition they have seen in the breed."

Owned by The Jessups in Montana 

Frontier Shaggy Doo X Frontier's Lunar Eclipse

"I thought I'd send you a quick update on Sooner.  She is doing very well...just had her stitches removed today from Spaying.  She is in excellent health, 30 pounds of fun energy, and as cute as can be.  Over the last few weeks she has developed this tuft of reddish hair (in contrast to her darker brown) on the top of her head  - which sticks up in the most delightful way. I took her through a puppy training course which ended several weeks ago - she was the star of the class - and still remembers her lessons.  We couldn't be happier."

Owned by J.  Iler







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